As a teenage girl learning to be independent and successful is complicated enough without having to deal with society’s consistent challenges. The MSHFG program is a unique method of mentoring that assists mentee’s in developing a symbolic relationship during difficult stages throughout their life.

Our program realizes that most of our young ladies are missing essential skills that lead to poor decision making. As we focus on improving academic and social competence it is important for our young girls to receive assistance from women who have paved the way. Our program provides, and empower girls to tap into their hidden potential and expand their vision of limitless opportunities.

My Sister’s House for Girls vision seeks to prepare all girls to meet society’s challenges through an established symbolic and supportive mentoring relationship, educational classes and supportive services.

My Sister’s House for Girls mission is to mentor adolescent girls in Ohio and help them to achieve their full potential and become productive members in their society by building their academic and social competence.