What We Do

My Sister’s House for Girls is a non-profit agency providing premier services for youth in the Greater Toledo and Columbus area. Our organization currently works in the community with at-risk females between the ages of 14 to 24 years of age. The goal of the program is to identify youth who are having a difficult transition to adulthood and offer community resources and programming that will empower them to make positive changes in their life.The program provides intensive case management services, entrepreneurial and leadership development, and a work readiness program. Additionally, youth that are involved in the foster care or legal system are offered the opportunity for residential placement within one of our group homes within the Toledo and Columbus areas.

Brief Organizational History

My Sister’s House for Girls started off as a traditional mentoring program in 2000, providing individual and group sessions for school aged girls. In 2005 we created Signature events to expand our reach in the community by providing programming on a macro level. By 2010 we started providing evidenced based curriculum and programming to young ladies in group homes. By 2015 we started to provide services and programming in schools. In 2018, we developed and enhanced our prevention and educational programs to address domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assualt, human trafficking and stalking.

Overview of Major Accomplishments & Other Highlights During History of Organization

June 2000, began a public campaign to establish My Sister’s House for Girls as an agency to help mentor and empower at-risk girls in the Greater Toledo and Columbus Area. December 2011, became a nonprofit 501(c)3 community service organization.September 2011, Inaugural 12-member Board of Directors and 11-member Advisory Committee Installed. March 2003, Received a major grant of $150,000. May 2003, Received funding from GM Investor in the amount of $200,000. July 2006, Held our first annual Thrive 5K (formerly known as Project Voice 5K) at Sidecut Park. This 5K helps to prevent, educate about, and liberate human and sex trafficking. August 2018, Opened 6-bed group home for students placed in the foster care system. December 2018, My Sister’s House for Girl’s Executive Director was awarded. March 2019, My Sister’s House for Girl’s Executive Director was awarded. May 2020, moved to a new office. November 2019, became a vendor at The University of Toledo annual Human Sex Trafficking Conference. Janurary 2020, became a board member of .August 2020, became secretary of .November 2020, became a presenter at The University of Toledo annual Human Sex Trafficking Conference. As of Januray 2021, successfully raised over $500,000 through donations from individuals, families, community organizations, churches, and foundations.